Our 2022 Vendors

Our Vendors’ Gallery Marketplace is always the most anticipated feature of Perth Festival of Yarn; the place to find materials and inspiration for your future crafting projects, the chance to meet and talk with the makers behind your favourite independent brands, to indulge in a little celebrity spotting.

Famed as the event for discovering and supporting up-and-coming fibre businesses since 2016, you’ll also find veterans of our community who have travelled the length and breadth of the UK to converge in Perth for our annual celebration.  Tickets will be released at 7pm BST on 2 July.


This year we are delighted to bring you:


Aister ‘oo’  🧶  All Wool That Ends Wool  🧶  AMOyarn  🧶  Annfield Farm  🧶  Atthis yarns  🧶  The Border Mill  🧶  Bow Fiddle Yarns  🧶  Buzzinyarns  🧶  Caithness Croft  🧶  Caithness Yarns  🧶  The Coocon Tree  🧶  Debonnaire  🧶  Di Gilpin  🧶  Dina’s Home of Crafts  🧶  Ducky Darlings Yarns  🧶  Dystopic Fibre  🧶  Edelweiss Fibres  🧶  Emily Cross Ceramics  🧶  Fae Folk Fibres  🧶  Felt Fusion  🧶  FibrePunk  🧶  Flora Fibres Yarn  🧶  FLYY Dyed  🧶  Ginger Twist Studio  🧶  Good Vibes Yarn  🧶  Hawkshaw Sheep  🧶  HennyPennyMakes  🧶  HotButterYarns  🧶  Iolair Yarn  🧶  Joe’s Toes  🧶  The Journal of Scottish Yarns  🧶  The Knitting Gift Shop  🧶  Lammermuir Wool  🧶  Lynsey Walters Jewellery  🧶  Midwinter Yarns  🧶  Moorit  🧶  Mothy and the Squid  🧶  Mrs Lam Yarns  🧶  Nervus Fibre  🧶  Nightingale Knits  🧶  Paw Ply Yarn Co  🧶  Perthshire Artisans  🧶  Popcorn + Crocodiles  🧶  Quack Yarn  🧶  Sealy MacWheely  🧶  Sew Yarnilicious  🧶  Shearing Crafts  🧶  Shilasdair Yarns  🧶  Thread of Life  🧶  Trava & Wool  🧶  Unaroo Designs  🧶  Wee County Yarns  🧶  Wish Ewe Were Here  🧶  Woolly Originals  🧶  WooSheeps  🧶  Yarn Unique  🧶  Yarningham  🧶  Zakami Yarns



Aister ‘oo’


Our family have been on our Croft in the Shetland Islands for literally hundreds of years.  In 2020 we embarked on getting our natural, native, lively Shetland Sheep’s wool made into yarn.  It’s 100% Shetland, 100% from our Croft and is hand sheared.  We now have over twenty five colours of natural and dyed shades to chose from.



All Wool That Ends Wool


A bright and bold selection of hand dyed yarn, including hand painted, gradients and self-striping.  Hand made stitch markers, yarn cosies, resin buttons and hand-crafted yarn bowls.





AMOyarn translates to “I love yarn” which is so fitting to our ethos.  Beki has been knitting and crocheting for nearly 20 years and John has been creating art for longer.  We have combined both our passions together to create colourful (and often bright) hand dyed yarns.  AMO comes  from our family clan name and helps us include our whole family together.  Our kids often have imput and influence our yarn dyeing as well as our local Scottish location, environment and traditions.



Annfield Farm


Nestled in the rolling hills of Fife, Annfield Farm is family owned and run.  We are the 4th generation farming here although things have greatly changed through the years.  We are a small team of two, Andrew and Laury-Anne, partners at work and in life.

We run a growing flock of pedigree Angora goats and are entirely slaughter free with the aim to raise happy animals. The sheep wool we use is carefully selected from a very small number of farms around us, that we personally know, and where the animals are respected and extremely well looked after. The Shetland fleeces are mainly from smallholders and the pure new wool comes from two different farms, both within 10 miles of us.

We aim to be eco-friendly so our yarns are 100% wool and never mixed with plastic, our packaging is made from recycled materials whenever possible and either recyclable or compostable.



Atthis Yarns


I love playing with colour and taking inspiration from everything around me.  Early collections come from family and where I grew up.  I love everything that contrasts and want to experiment with colour in my yarn.  With the business of the world around us, dyeing yarn grounds me and makes me smile.



The Border Mill


The Border Mill are a small family run mill in the Scottish Borders.  Alongside processing fleeces for the owners of Alpacas and rare breed sheep across the country, they spin a small range of yarns in unusual blends of animal and plant fibres and in colours inspired by the Scottish landscape.



Bow Fiddle Yarns


Bow Fiddle Yarns is run by indie dyer Louise who also creates stitch markers and progress keepers from her base in North East Scotland.  Named after the iconic rock formation on the Moray Firth coast, she uses the local area for colour and name inspiration.  With yarn cosies, embroidery thread and a variety of luxury bases as well as skein sizes up to 150g, there is something for everyone.





After re-discovering her love of crochet and finding the world of hand dyed yarns, Karen was given a dyeing kit for her birthday and in the summer of 2019 took the step of turning her obsession into a business.



Caithness Croft


Caithness Croft is part of the Beardychiel Designs programme.  When  John Glen was approached by crofters and farmers who offered him fleece in preference to it being burned or buried, he accepted, and as a result of the volume started having it spun into yarn for other knitters/crafters to enjoy.  The idea of fleeces being was wasted was not something he could accept.



Caithness Yarns


Caithness Yarns offer high quality, often unique yarns from High welfare flocks up in the “True” North of Scotland (including shepherd Graeme’s own.)  Their range has a series of yarns from the old fashioned style of hill sheep here in Caithness and Sutherland, these demonstrate the greatness of the wool you can get if you breed for it and focus relentlessly on sheep health and welfare.  The other strand to Caithness Yarns are their “Rare Breed” yarns.

Starting with their own flock of Castlemilk Moorit sheepies, they offer one-off, unique small batch yarns mostly undyed and unbleached.  As a matter of good ethical business practice Caithness Yarns use a concept for sourcing the fleece that makes their yarns what they call “Living Value.”  This means they set a respectful value for fleece when they buy it that better reflects the hard work and care that good farmers and crofters lavish on their stock.



The Cocoon Tree


I have been sewing for over 50 years and I’m lucky enough to have made this my career, making Irish dance costumes as my day job, as well as having worked abroad in the clothing industry.  It was suggested to me by my niece, Amy Palko (of the Meaningful Stitch Podcast), that I should try making project bags in my spare time, and two years ago the seed of The Cocoon Tree was planted.





Debonnaire started out as a hand painted needlepoint and threads business and evolved into luxury hand knitting and crochet yarn in 2009.  Erica now hand dyes all of Debonnaire yarns mainly to a classically inspired palette.  Base yarns are carefully chosen from British and American sources and comprise of popular weights with a particularly large selection of lace yarns.  Over the years Erica has designed a substantial pattern portfolio featuring simple and elegant designs.  Debonnaire also stocks an array of silk yarns created for us by a small family firm in India.  These silk yarns are of the highest quality and some incorporate beading.  In addition to their yarn lines Debonnaire also stock the full range of Addi needles and Clover accessories.



Di Gilpin


After 30 years of working in the industry, Di Gilpin’s client and collaboration black book boasts some of the very best labels in couture and innovative fashion; Nike, Mark Fast (for Kanye West), Margaret Howell, April Crichton, Hancock VA, Topshop Unique, Cabbages & Roses, Paul Hardy, Sophia Kokosolakis, Graeme Black, Meadham Kirchhoff, Erdos 1436, Bette Midler and Helena Bonham Carter.

Di continues to design pattern collections under her own name which can be worked in her luxury Scottish yarn brand, Lalland Lambswool which is available in both DK and Aran weights and with over 22 colours. Lalland is spun in Scotland and balled in Yorkshire at Laxtons Mill.  Her patterns explore and create new symbology through deep-rooted gansey stitch patterns, combine techniques such as intarsia and circular knitting with traditional stitch patterns and cables.  Published in September 2021, Di is co-author of The Gansey Knitting Sourcebook.



Dina’s Home of Crafts


Behind the stacked shelves of luxurious yarns, fibre and all sorts of accessories stands Dina, a rather shy girl from Latvia.  Her life has always been filled with unravelling balls of yarn and needles.  She is not afraid of colours and always comes up with bold and exciting colour combinations.  Her work is greatly inspired by her roots in Eastern Europe.  She takes pride in working with yarn and fibre coming from mulesing free sources as well as currently working to offer a variety of vegan friendly options.  And lately she has been working hard to provide non-superwash DK Corriedale bases in a variety of colours, especially great for all the colourwork projects.  While at the moment there are 30 shades available, she is working hard to expand to more than 50 in 2022.



Ducky Darlings Yarns


We are a small hand dyed yarn business from the beautiful Derbyshire Dales in the midlands area.  We have a selection of yarn bases and a multitude of skein sizes; everything from 10g micro minis to full skein shawl packs.  We have a small selection of custom made accessories too.  All our yarns are hand dyed by us at home in Derbyshire where we take a lot of our inspiration from.



Dystopic Fibre


I taught myself to knit January 2019, and to dye yarn October 2020.  I’m based in Glasgow, most interested in science fiction and I enjoy coming up with a concept or story to tell through my colourways.



Edelweiss Fibres


Edelweiss Fibres produces small batch hand dyed yarns on luxurious bases.  Our colourways are inspired by many things, but largely flowers and the natural beauty of Scotland.  We specialise in tonal and variegated colourways, but offer a sprinkling of speckled colourways as well.  All dyed up on luxurious yarn bases ranging from sturdy Blue-Faced Leicester, to soft merino, to fluffy mohair.



Emily Cross Ceramics


Emily makes wheel thrown ceramic yarn bowls, magnetic pin dishes and other tools for fibre artists in her riverside studio near Bath, Somerset.  She varies her designs to appeal to as many people as possible and provide unique, beautiful tools that are handmade and never truly identical.



Fae Folk Fibres & Felt Fusion


Shadow has been dyeing as Felt Fusion for a number of years focusing on strong colours, varigated colourways, and defined colour changes on a range of bases and yarn weights.  During lockdown in 2020 she felt the need to spread her wings in a slightly new direction, so Fae Folk Fibres was born – enabling her to work with more luxurious bases and one-off colourways.





FibrePunk is an independent dyer based in Glasgow.  Drawing inspiration from art and music, FibrePunk dyes a range of fun variegated and self-striping colourways on a variety of bases.



Flora Fibres Yarn


Flora Fibres Yarn specialises in a large range of naturally dyed, plant fibre yarns and spinning fibre, including both hand spun and machine spun yarns.  All are dyed using traditional, colour-fast dye plants to create a gorgeous natural rainbow of colours.  As the full range of Flora Fibres products are plant based, they are ideal for vegans, people who can’t wear wool, and anyone wanting to explore some exciting alternatives for future projects!




Fresh from her home studio in Wolverhampton, Rachel specialises in one of a kind small batch yarns and customisable  silver-plated FLYY Dangles.



Ginger Twist Studio


Hiya!  I’m Jess and I run Ginger Twist Studio and am the head dyer behind Ginger’s Hand Dyed – a range of luxury wool in a wide variety of weights.  I opened up my shop in Edinburgh in 2013, and it has been a whirlwind of wool ever since.



Good Vibes Yarn


As well as launching their own hand dyed yarn brand in 2021 to compliment the commercial brands in their online store, Good Vibes Yarn also produce art batts, fibre braids for spinning or felting, and hand spun yarns.



Hawkshaw Sheep


Hawkshaw Sheep produce natural coloured yarns, carded batts, roving and Tweed cloth from the fleeces of their own animals which graze on a hill farm in Tweedsmuir, the Scottish Borders.

Traceability at every step is extremely important to shepherdess Sue, and Hawkshaw Sheep wool is processed by the Natural Fibre Company at their mill in Cornwall.





At HennyPennyMakes, we love colour!  As a trained colour therapist, Erin loves to bring fun and happiness to every project and has a large range of colourways inspired by music, literature, nature and alternative therapies.  Tonals, variegated and speckled colourways are all available and rainbows will always be around our stall.





Having taught art and design, fashion, and textiles for over 30 years in academic settings Jaki Bogg is now a knitwear designer who also dyes her own range of yarns.  She has created an extensive range of colours which she uses like a painting palette in order to interpret an idea of certain feelings:  heat, pleasure, relaxation, colour, history, landscape and texture.



Iolair Yarn


Iolair Yarn is a small independent hand dyeing business founded by former geologist / geochemist, Solveigh, in 2019.

When I was out and about as a geologist, I was fascinated by Scotland’s magnificient landscapes and it’s ever-changing colours that alter through the seasons, so I wanted to dye yarn that captures these colours.  Using my own dye recipes, I try to reproduce shades that reflect aspects of the natural world such as the sea, heather and lichen.  I also use luxurious yarn blends that can be worn as garments / accessories in direct contact with the skin.



Joe’s Toes


After a long career as a footwear designer for big companies I set up Joe’s Toes in 2013.  It brough together my knowledge of footwear, shoemaking, pattern making and size grading and my lifelong love of craftwork especially hand sewing, knitting and crochet.  Today my husband Dave helps me in the business and we still make all our soles, slippers and kits in our home workshop in Yorkshire.

Our concerns for the environment permeate everything we do, from the house we built to the materials we chose to make and package our goods.



The Journal of Scottish Yarns


The Journal of Scottish Yarns is a print and digital magazine, published bi-annually in May and November.  

Features and projects focus on Scottish-based or Scotland-inspired artisans across the textiles skills and crafts, including knitting, crochet, cloth weaving, tapestry weaving, crewel work, embroidery, and spinning.



The Knitting Gift Shop


The Knitting Gift Shop create original design knitting kits incorporating their own range of UK sourced and spun yarn.  They also sell locally made ceramic and wooden yarn bowls, yarn swifts and accessories (including their unique Magnetic Line Keeper) and a wide range of hand made shawl pins, shawl clips, stitch markers and notions.



Lammermuir Wool


Lammermuir Wool is home-grown, single-farm wool which is 100% Shetland wool.  The wool comes from their own Koru Lammermuir Flock who graze peacefully in the Lammermuir Hills, East Lothian.  Guardian of the flock, Suzie, believes that well-tended land and loved sheep makes for superb wool.

This fine, soft wool is hand-sheared and mill-spun into a range of practical weights from single-ply to Aran weight; available in a palette of natural and hand-dyed colours which reflect their origins.



Lynsey Walters Jewellery


After gaining a BA (Hons) in Printed Textiles I went on to receive a MA at the Royal College of Art graduating in 2000. After the success of my graduation exhibition, I decided to set up my own business initially selling to stores such as Designers Guild and VV Rouleaux.  After receiving mentoring from the Crafts Council, I explored the American market and took part in the NY Now trade exhibition.  An exhibition I would return to year after year buliding up clients such as the New York Museum of Art and Design, the American Folk Art Museum and the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design.  I also took part in Craft Scotland’s collaboration with the American Craft’s Council and exhibited at their large retail event in Baltimore.



Midwinter Yarns


Midwinter Yarns was born from a passion for natural fibre yarns, and a desire to share the knitting traditions of my native Sweden with the UK market.  I also wanted to show that working with natural fibres needn’t be prohibitively expensive, and always aim to stock yarns that are affordable in garment quantities.

Over the years, other wool-producing countries close to my heart have joined the range – Wales through marriage, and Scotland through a deep love and relocation.





Moorit is an independent magazine for crocheters.  Featuring modern garments and accessories in natural fibres, Moorit is an antidote to the dearth of beautiful crochet publications.



Mothy and the Squid


Mothy and the Squid is an artisan dyer specialising in ethically sourced premium yarns.  Each skein is inspired by Nature and hand dyed in small batches using techniques to minimise waste and environmental impact.  We focus on unusual and beautiful species including sea life, flowering plants and colourful insects.



Mrs Lam Yarns


At Mrs Lam Yarns we take inspiration from all over the place to tell the tale as a Scottish Chinese living and working in Scotland.  Each tale is personal and wishes to bring the Chinese Heritage into the fibre world.  We also create project bags to suit all size of projects using materials that are sourced to support other independent businesses where possible.



Nervus Fibre


I started Nervus Fibre as a way to share colours I love to knit with.  My palette is quite moody and muted which I like to think makes beautiful garments that stand the test of time.  I take a lot of inspiration from Scottish landscapes, I’m also a huge fantasy lover so I love to interpret the imagery in the books I read too!



Nightingale Knits


Essex based Nightingale Knits was born in September 2020 with the release of a small collection of quality hand dyed yarn following Sam receiving a yarn dyeing starter kit for Christmas the previous year.



Paw Ply Yarn Co


When I stepped a foot (nervously) into my first ever local yarn shop back in 2017 I discovered hand dyed yarn.  A world of opportunity, colour and seemingly endless squidgy skeins opened up to me.  Fast forward and I created Paw Ply Yarn Co in December 2019 inspired by bold colour and an eagerness to try anything.



Perthshire Artisans


Perthshire Artisans is a curated online collective showcasing the practice and original artworks from over 30 Perthshire based artists and makers.  Discover a collection of handcrafted, distinctive and authentic artworks including ceramics, jewellery, mosaic, leather, photography, paintings, prints, candles, cards, homewares, clothing, accessories, wood and glass.  Enjoy a selection of their work, find out how and when you can visit their studios in person and stay connected with their work and events online.  An opportunity to connect with creatives choosing to live and work in Perthshire.  Supported by GrowBiz, enabling small rural creative businesses to do what they do best!

To coincide with Perth Festival of Yarn, Perthshire Artisans Open Studios will run from 8-11 September.  Find out more about the 18 artisans taking part and download the accompanying flyer here:  https://www.perthshire-artisans.scot/open-studios-september-2022



Popcorn + Crocodiles


With a busy day job and two lively youngesters, the time I can spare for craft and creativity is always limited.  Rewind the clock a few years to my maternity leave, and I was searching for a way to keep on top of my crochet and knitting projects, to quickly find the information I need and spend as much time as I could on making – instead of trying to figure out where I had last got to!  I couldn’t find what I was looking for so I decided to make my own.  I started out with a single product – a tailormade wire bound notebook for yarn enthusiasts.  Since then I’ve added in a mini version to carry in a bag or pocket when you’re on the go, and organiser formats which allow a constantly up-to-date portfolio of projects, dreams and plans.  I’m really passionate about using the traditional medium of pen and ink to provide purpose and focus in creating beautiful, tactile, quality products that are a joy to use for crafters that still find enjoyment in working with pen an ink.  They are also practical, flexible and so easily tailored and adjusted to individual needs.  I’ve worked and collaborated with experts that can help me achieve this vision, from local printers in Edinburgh and Glasgow, to artisan bookbinders who have hand-made my cloth journals in Nottingham.



Quack Yarn 


I am a Scottish yarn dyer living in York.  I dye yarn on a small scale in my garage at home, and love creating colourways inspired by the world around me, the places I’ve lived, and anything else that comes to mind.  Glowing, dark colourways and bright colours are my speciality but you can also find an occasional neutral or pastel in the Quack Yarn range.



Sealy MacWheely


Kirkintilloch based Sealy MacWheely specialise in high quality fibre for spinners and felters, bright and colourful hand dyed yarns and a variety of crafting equipment including Ashford and Kromski spinning wheels, ChiaGoo and KnitPro needles, and accessories.



Sew Yarnilicious


Handmade For Makers, Handmade For You.  Beautiful and versatile project bags and accessories designed for makers with the maker in mind.



Shearing Crafts


I shear sheep in the Aberdeenshire area for local smallholders.  A couple of years ago I began wet fleting fleeces for these same smallholders as they were throwing their fleeces away and I thought this was a terrible waste.



Shilasdair Yarns


We are a husband and wife team running a natural dye business on the Isle of Skye.  We use local dye plants mixed with madder red and indigo blue to produce a natural palette of our landscape.  All our yarns are dyed using natural spring water.  We are really interested in sharing the forgotten secrets of our local plants – their dyes and their healing properties.

Shilasdair Yarns are sadly no longer able to join us in person at Perth this year, but they will be sending a box of their products to us which will be available to buy at our Merchandise Stall.



The Silly Sheep Fibre Company


The Silly Sheep was born to justify keeping our orphan lambs!  We started with six lambs when we lived in the Western Isles and then added Hebrideans to our flock.  We moved to Shetland in 2019 and moved all our sheep with us.  We have now grown and adjusted our flock and are now almost an all Shetland sheep flock. 

We use fibre from  our flock and also from friend’s flocks to produce a range of natural and hand dyed wools.  We have also just had our first range of tweeds woven to create a range of accessories and garments.



Trava & Wool


Hand dyed yarn and fibre dyed with plant extracts, flowers, and other natural materials.  Hand embroidered project bags and quirky knitted toy kits.



Unaroo Designs


During lockdown I found myself increasingly asking not only “who made my clothes?” but also where my yarn had come from.  I noticed that the majority of wool that I personally consumed was merino, and usually a merino / nylon blend.  The more I paid attention, the more I noticed that a lot of the yarn I loved could be kinder to the planet so, in January 2021, I bought myself a yarn dyeing kit and fell in love again; culminating in launching Unaroo Designs in December of the same year.  I only use 100% British wool – bought from British Wool, spun in Yorkshire and dyed in the Scottish Highlands – all of our packing is recyled and / or recyclable, and I use as little water as possible in my work.



Wee County Yarns


Wee County Yarns specialise in Scottish-spun yarns and our own exclusive designs.  We also stock a wide range of needles and notions to support these.  Our 10g Miniballs come in 100 colours and are supported by dozens of patterns.  Our Kinross 4ply and Kinross Lace is spun in Kinross just down the motorway from Perth and is a beautifully soft lambswool.



Wish Ewe Were Here


Fibres for all, colourful packs for felters, acid and naturally dyed wool tops for spinners, squishy yarn for knitters, hand spun yarns, ready made quality gifts for wool lovers.



Woolly Originals


Based in Edinburgh, Woolly Originals uses domestic knitting machines to create bags for crafters and artists to use for their projects and for their tools.  The bag designs are based on a range of ideas and inspiration:  Scottish wildflowers and trees; organic fruit orchards; Scandinavian and Shetland star motifs; the volcanic landscapes of Iceland; the Scott Monument on Princes Street in Edinburgh; or the trainee women astronauts of the Mercury 13 program!





Situated in the glorious Rhins of Galloway, we hand dye fine yarns in vibrant exciting colours.  We also sew, swear, and make shiny things.



Yarn Unique


Yarn Unique is led by Caroline – chief colour (and mess) maker of this small-batch indie-dyeing business.  Formed following a fateful trip to a yarn festival where the joy of luxury yarns was had, and a messy tie-dyeing session held with her Rainbows Unit, Caroline started dyeing and hasn’t stopped since!

With a real love for rich and saturated colour, Yarn Unique yarns range from the deep jewel-tones of the Yak range of bases to the vivid and neon splashes of her sock yarns (because life is far too short for boring socks!). You’ll find self-striping and playful self-patterning yarns and kits, along with sweater quantities and unique festival exclusives.





Yarningham is a two  day yarn festival held annually each July in Birmingham and is the only Black-led yarn festival in existance.  Meet members of their team and discover more about Yarn + Stitch which was conceived during lock-down.



Zakami Yarns


We have been travelling and learning about Alpacas for years.  Then we ended up in New Zealand where Gergely learned hand dyeing techniques.  Now based in Scotland we stared our family business slowly with a few skeins and our dream is to have our own Alpaca farm.