Classes 2017

Bookings for classes will open at 10am on 15 July 2017


Class Tutor Day Time
Crazy Crochet Janet Renouf-Miller Saturday 9th September 10am to 1pm
Learn to weave on a rigid heddle loom Janet Renouf-Miller Saturday 9th September 2.30pm to 5.30pm
Demystifying Double-Knitting Nathan Taylor Saturday 9th September 2pm to 5pm
Learn to Spin – Beginners Wheel Spinning Janet Renouf-Miller Sunday 10th September 10am to 1pm
Demystifying Double-Knitting Nathan Taylor Sunday 10th September 2.30pm to 5.30pm
Learn How To Make A 30cm Traditional Waldorf Doll With Knitted Body Sarah Berry Sunday 10th September 2.30pm to 5.30pm
Design Your Own Top Down Shawl John Glen Sunday 10th September 2.30pm to 5.30pm
Introduction to Shawl Knitting Maddie Harvey Sunday 10th September 2.30pm to 5.30pm



Learn How To Make A 30cm Traditional Waldorf Doll With Knitted Body With Sarah Berry

10 September:  2:30pm – 5:30pm at the Lovat Hotel, Glasgow Road, PH2 0LT

Level:  Intermediate

Materials:  Please bring your own 4mm double-pointed needles (or 60+cm circular needle) and 100g of aran weigh yarn.  All other materials are included.

Spaces available:  12

Cost:  £60

Waldorf dolls are made of natural materials – cotton jersey, wool fleece stuffing and wool yarn – and this workshop will include examples of styling your doll with seasonal colours and natural fabrics. We will concentrate on classic head construction techniques, and participants will be able to complete their doll at leisure with the support of the written instructions provided. 

Sarah Berry 

North Child is where I design knitwear influenced by my childhood, by the Northern Lands in which I live – and by my love for pure, unique, enduring wool. I also design and make natural, wool-stuffed Waldorf dolls, often with knitted bodies.

I am fascinated by wool in all its manifestations; I love its many textures, its strength and delicacy, warmth and breathability, its highly-evolved waterproof, flame-resistant and anti-microbial properties – and its age-old links to people and cultures no longer with us. I grew up being knitted for, and photographs from my ‘70s childhood often include Aran bobble-hats and grey school cardigans; memories are still strong of nearly grazing my nose on the inside of polo-necks, and of the warm, sheepy smell of bundled-up woollen layers on Bonfire Night. Whenever I design for children, I know that their sensory memories of the garment will long outlast its physical lifespan. 

As well as designing knits and dollmaking, I work part-time as an Art teacher in local Primary schools, and I tutor adult textile-craft workshops. Apart from spending my twenties in Brighton, I have always lived in the countryside: as a child, in rural Worcestershire, and for the last 20 years, on the West Highland coast of Scotland.


Demystifying Double-Knitting with Nathan Taylor

9 September:  2pm – 5pm at Saltire House, 3 Whitefriars Crescent, PH2 0PA

10 September:  2:30pm – 5:30pm at the Dewars Centre, PH2 0TH

Level:  Suitable for confident knitters who have some experience of colour-work, and are used to knitting and purling, and have a yearning for something new and fabulous!  Please be familiar with the Long-Tail Cast On; and you will need to have some experience of working with two yarns at the same time.

Materials:  Minimum 10g of DK weight yarn in each of two contrasting colours, and 4mm needles (or your usual size needles for working with DK yarn.)

Spaces available:  14

Cost:  £60

The double-knitting (DK) technique is a versatile and wonderful way of creating stunning effects in reversible, two-sided knitting, so no more wrong sides, no unsightly floats, and best of all, two garments in one, as whatever beautiful pattern is displayed on the front, shows on the back too, but with the colours reversed.

As the results are often so impressive, a lot of people feel that DK is beyond their knitting capabilities.  This class is to prove that belief wrong!  As with any other type of knitting, no matter how complex the finished project, it is only One Stitch At a Time, and if you can knit and purl, then you too can become a DK wizard.

In this class we will be exploring how the basic mechanics of DK work: looking at the structure of the fabric, and how the two sides interact with each other to create the interlocked, reversible beauty that only DK can give you.  We’ll talk a little bit about what is possible in the technique, to give you a flavour of where this foundation can eventually lead you, but we’ll mostly be concerning ourselves with getting you familiar with what yarn goes where!

We’ll be starting with a two-colour cast on, learning about simple, no-pattern DK (one colour on one side, and a different colour on the other), reading DK charts, changing colours, closing the fabric and while we are learning all of this information we’ll be creating a cute little coaster with a sweet heart design on it. 

Nathan Taylor – aka Sockmatician

Nathan Taylor, (aka Sockmatician on Ravelry, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter) is obsessed with double-knitting! He has been knitting seriously since 2011, and designing since around the same time.  
His passion is for sharing his knowledge of DK with as many people as possible, pushing its boundaries, and furthering what is possible within the realms of double-knitting.His first published design was in Knit Now! Magazine, and in 2015, he was approached by Vogue Knitting Magazine in the USA to design a DK Shawl for their Fall 2015 issue.
He has since been published in the first issue of the men’s knitting magazine Rib, and has a pattern coming up in the Autumn edition of The Knitter. He was also named one of Knit Now magazine’s Knitter of the Year awards, in 2017, in the Online Innovation category.
Nathan hosts a very popular knitting podcast on YouTube, and particularly champions male knitters, with a view to getting not only more men into knitting, but also getting more patterns aimed at men out there.
He has been teaching double-knitting classes for the last couple of years, and enjoys nothing so much as seeing that lightbulb moment, when someone’s brain clicks, and he knows that a new DKer has been born.



Introduction to Shawl Knitting with Maddie Harvey

10 September:  2:30pm – 5:30pm at Saltire House, 3 Whitefriars Crescent, PH2 0PA

Level:  Participants should know how to cast-on, knit, purl and cast-off.

Materials:  DK weight yarn in 2 colour – approxiamtely 50g of each, and 4.5mm circular needle.

Spaces available:  12

Cost:  £60

The word ‘shawl’ often has old-fashioned connotations, but not necessarily for knitters!  Knitters use ‘shawl’ to refer to a piece of knitwear worn around your neck and/or shoulders, which could be a large traditional Shetland Hap or a small triangular neckerchief. 

Learn about the basic construction of crescent and triangular shaped shawls; how to cast-on using a garter tab; how to work a yarn-over and a knit-front-and-back increase; and how to work a stretchy cast-off. Plus lots of tips and tricks to make a beautiful shawl using the workshop handout.  You’ll create at least one mini-shawl over the course of the class.

Maddie Harvey

Maddie Harvey is a knitwear designer and knitting teacher from Edinburgh. A former primary school teacher, Maddie has published designs in Knit Now magazine and is a knitting teacher with Knitting For All. She has a real passion and love for shawls: knitting and wearing them, and designing shawl patterns. Maddie combines special techniques, shapes and colours in her shawl designs to help knitters make the most out of beautiful skeins of yarn. Her patterns can be found on Ravelry on the Maddie Harvey Designs page ( and on her website (



Design Your Own Shawl with John Glen

10 September:  2:30pm – 5:30pm at Saltire House, 3 Whitefriars Crescent, PH2 0PA

Level:  Suitable for knitters who know the basics but want to develop into designing their own shawl patterns either for personal use or profit.

Materials: You should bring any yarn you wish to make your shawl and appropriate sized needles. e.g. DK weight yarn 4mm or 4.5 mm needles and approx 200g to 250g to complete most ideas. Fingering weight 2.75mm to 3.25mm needles 200g to 250g . Aran/Chunky 5mm to 6mm needles and 200g to 300g  These will produce a shawl of medium size.

Spaces available:  14

Cost:  £60

John Glen will take his class on a theory and practice journey through the shawl design process.

John will discuss and advise on:

  • Selecting the right best shape or form for your design.
  • Choosing the right design elements – such as lacework, stranded work or textured stitches to enhance to shawl.
  • Colour selection depending on the overall effect you want to achieve,
  • Creating your own charts & swatching design panels to take away to complete your shawl.
  • Making a start on your shawl. 

All participants will be given a hand-outs which will help support them in their future design work, including draft shape patterns, John’s teaching aids/slides. 

John’s teaching methods are practically based to reinforce short theory inputs. e.g. 30 mins teaching in the session and 150mins advising/designing/swatching/making.


john glen – AKA Beardychiel

Having been taught by his Granny Mac at the age of 10 as a way to amuse himself over a 6 month period of convalescence,

John Glen (Beardy Chiel) has now been knitting, crocheting, sewing and embroidering for a period of 46 years.

These skills served him well in his student days as he began to produce commissioned knitwear for the scottish knitwear industry as well as working as a demonstration knitter in Glasgow.

The last 20 years have seen John teach graphics, design, technology and various craft skills in secondary education in the Scottish Highlands.

A keen amateur dramatist, John’s creative skills are much in demand by the local theatre costume departments; but he still finds time to design and produce his own work as well as regularly podcasting on his YouTube channel, Beardychiel’s Knitting Banter, and providing website and social media support to Perth Festival of Yarn.


Learn to Spin – Beginners Wheel Spinning with Janet Renouf-Miller

10 September:  10am – 1pm, Saltire House, 3 Whitefriars Crescent, PH2 0PA

Level:  Beginner

Materials:  Spinning wheels and materials are included.  If you already have a spinning wheel that you would like to bring to the class then please contact Janet beforehand so that she can make sure it is suitable for the course.  Janet’s email will be provided on request after your class has been booked.

Spaces available:  8

Cost:  £65

Learn the basics of spinning on a spinning wheel.  Learn how to get started and how to ensure your wheel is working correctly.

Learn to weave on a rigid heddle loom with Janet Renouf-Miller

9 September:  2:30pm – 5:30pm, Saltire House, 3 Whitefriars Crescent, PH2 0PA

Level:  Beginner

Materials:  All materials and looms provided

Spaces available:  8

Cost:  £65

Learn to weave on these practical, versatile looms which can be used to create wall-hangings, mats, scarves, guest towels and even fabric for clothes. 

During this class you will get creative with colour and texture while learning some of the basic principles of weaving; including how to weave, keeping the edges straight, and how to start and finish. 

Crazy Crochet with Janet Renouf-Miller

9 September:  10am – 1pm, Saltire House, 3 Whitefriars Crescent, PH2 0PA

Level:  Suitable for those who understand the basics of crochet

Materials:  All materials are included

Spaces available:  12

Cost:  £65

Learn how to create 3D shapes with crochet and achieve different effects using your imagination.

This is a flexible workshop inspired by Janet’s Knit 1 Bike 1 Project, which culminated in a book and touring exhibition.

Janet Renouf-Miller

Janet Renouf-Miller has taught spinning, weaving, crochet, knitting and all things woolly and yarny to many people over the years. As well as teaching courses, she holds knitting and spinning retreats in Scotland and the North of England. She regularly gives workshops at spinning and weaving Guilds at Higham Hall College in Cumbria and many other places. She has taught at the summer school of the Association of Weavers and is an approved speaker for the Association.

Janet has written two books, ‘How to Spin Just About Anything’ and ‘Knit 1 Bike 1’, based on a woolly, ten week cycle journey round Scotland, knitting and crocheting what she saw. Knit 1 Bike 1 was featured on Radio Scotland and TV Border and she spoke at the Wigtown Book Festival in 2016. The work she produced en route now forms an exhibition which is currently touring Scotland.