Festival Shop!

48 hours, 20 vendors, 46 exclusive products
Our Festival Shop will open at 10am BST on Saturday 18 September.  This is how it will work:


*   All products will be made live here; please scroll to the bottom of the page.  Nothing will be visible or available to buy from our shop until it opens.  You can browse available products through our Festival Shop Features on Facebook and Instagram now.  You cannot buy directly from the vendors themselves.

*  Products will appear alphabetically.  You can scroll through them or use the search functions.  Some are very strictly limited and once they are sold out they will disappear from our shop.

*  You must physically add the shipping option you need to your cart as well as the product you want to buy.  You will need to add a shipping product for every vendor you want to buy from.  There are different shipping products for different parts of the World.  For example, if you buy from Quack Yarn and Knit Me Sane and you live in the UK, you will need to add the UK shipping products for both Quack Yarn and Knit Me Sane to your cart.  Shipping products clearly state that they are the shipping and are identified by the vendor’s own logo.  If you forget to add shipping, you can go back and purchase it separately but this means the Festival will receive another flat rate charge from PayPal, so please do add this to begin with.  Where possible we will email you a reminder should you forget, but we retain the right to cancel your order if you do not add shipping.  (Please see ** below for a full explanation on why our shipping has been structured this way.)

*  Many of the products will be made and shipped to order.  Please read the important shipping information in the product description box for specific information.  Most of our vendors are shipping only within the UK due to Brexit and the on-going pandemic, but there are some exceptions.  Please check before ordering.

*  All the orders come through to Perth Festival of Yarn.  When you order through our website we will need to share your name, shipping address, requested product details, and email address with the vendor/s you wish to order from.  These details will not be shared to any other third party, and will only be used by the vendor to post out your package to you, or contact you if any difficulties arise in relation to your order.  

*  Orders placed through the Perth Festival of Yarn website will be forwarded to the vendors in the order that they are placed with us.  We anticipate a very busy 48 hours.  We thank you for allowing us a small amount of time to forward these orders in addition to the estimated shipping times provided by our vendors.

*  Perth Festival of Yarn cannot be held responsible for any processing or shipping delays that arise as a result of the current global health pandemic.  

*  Please be aware that customs fees, handling charges and VAT may be charged in some countries.  Neither Perth Festival of Yarn or our Festival Shop vendors are registered to pay or collect these charges on your behalf at the time of sale.  Perth Festival of Yarn and all Festival Shop vendors are not responsible for these charges and should you place an order and then not pay aforementioned charges and your order is not released to you or returned to the sender then both Perth Festival of Yarn and our vendors will not be responsible for refunding in part or full the cost of your order.  For further information before placing your order please read the details here:  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/notice-143-a-guide-for-international-post-users/notice-143-a-guide-for-international-post-users.

**Why does your website not automatically add shipping to your cart the way most websites do?

Our vendors are shipping directly from their own homes and studio spaces.  Our vendors have also set their own individual shipping prices.  We spent many weeks looking at solutions to make the process as simple and streamlined as possible, but without restricting the amount of any one product you can buy or adding shipping onto every additional skein, this was most customer-friendly way and proved to be very successful when we trialled it in 2020.

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