2020 Keynote Lecture

Soraya García:  Independent Publishing as a Way of Life

12 September: 1:15pm – 2pm

Venue: Online


Editor and Founder of BELLOTAKNITS, and contributor to PomPom, Soraya García invites you to learn more about the world of independent publishing and how to make it profitable in a marketplace saturated with free content and commercial headlines.

Soraya will share her journey from the realisation of an idea, the creation, launch and consolidation of a personal project that has become the very essence of her life, and encourage you to discover for yourself where you are able to go in self publishing should you dare to dream out aloud.

In her keynote lecture Soraya will cover aspects such as preparing submissions to independent publishers, typography as an inclusive issue, and financial considerations.

BELLOTA was born 2 years ago, organically, step by step, and with the help of many friends who are independent yarn dyers and festival leaders. They have grown into a beautiful community of “rebel” and inspired knitters and designers. Soraya loves that Bellota has been a part of the late growth and change within the Spanish Knitting Community; promoting new dyers, encouraging new designers to self-publish their work, and creating links in the International Community.